Monday, November 21, 2011


David said that I should take a picture of my green beans with chicken cracklings on top as he was taking the plate to the dinner table this evening. I responded with, "Really? Nah." I just didn't think I was going to have the motivation to post, about it, since I haven't since, oh, 1999. 

I should've because the cracklings were good, and the beans were, too. Cracklings on top of crack. Yeah.

What's cracklings, you ask? Crispy skin. 

I've been thinking of it since Saturday night at work. Our chicken for family meal came out slightly underdone. Ick. So, Saul, who hadn't eaten since breakfast and was super hungry took matters into his own hands. He cut up some chicken, pulled off the skin and roasted it to done. More than done, I'd say. But, the skin got so nice and crispy. I didn't get a chance to sneak a piece, but it looked good. Later, I jumped on the hot line to help out, and one of the dishes is finished with duck cracklings. Hello. Again, I only saw, not tasted.

Tonight, when I was cutting up leftover roasted chicken for dinner, I pulled the skin off, cut it into small pieces and broiled them. Crack, crack, cracklings. With green beans, of course. The rest of the meal wasn't much to talk about; leftover butter chicken with noodles. Oh, and some roasted red beets.