Thursday, December 5, 2013

Season of Stew

I've been on a crazy stew kick. I make about one a week. Each one different than the other. It started about a month ago, when our summer CSA had come to an end, and my winter boxes were about to start coming. I still had parsnips, squash, carrots, treviso, list goes on. Don't get me wrong, I love this. If you have three busy, small children (boys, to be exact), it can be hard to carve out the time to cut up all your wonderful veggies. This is especially tricky if one of them needs to be held more on an particular day, or, if they are sick. Heck, it's tricky even with one healthy child in the household!

My vegetables had been piling up. I did my best to go through the fridge and compost what was no longer usable, and tried to come up with a delicious meal with what needed to be used up quickly. I also found some frozen chicken sausages in my freezer. And, I just so happened to come across a recipe for sausage and potato stew on the Internet. Improvise here, improvise there, ta-da! dinner was served.

At first, my children were apprehensive. This was the only dish made that evening and they were hungry. Everything was all mixed in, which can be hit or miss for my little guys. Hunger won, and they ate what they could that night. With each subsequent stew since, they have gotten better. One night, I even got a, "Mmmmm," from Vincent. Boo-ya!

I've been so bad about taking pictures, but here are a couple from the first stew.
 The little balls in there are Israeli cous cous.